GlobePoint Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" ) complies with Personal Information Protection Act, Communications Privacy Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, etc. Through this Privacy Policy, the "Company" would like to inform you that personal information provided by the user has been used for what purpose and method, and what actions have been taken to protect personal information.

This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time due to change of laws and enforcement rules or guidelines of the government and due to changes of internal policy of the "Company" and for the revisions, we will provide notice on the service page easy to find out at least seven days prior to enforce the Privacy Policy.

Privacy policy of the "Company" includes the following information.

1. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information, items of personal information to collect and how to collect
2. Providing personal information to a third party
3. Processing and retention period of personal information
4. How to exercise the rights and obligations of members
5. Installations/operations of automatic devices to collect personal information and details on the rejection
6. Technical, physical and administrative measures for protecting personal information
7. Name of an officer, contacts and departments responsible for personal information
8. Remedy for infringement on rights and interests
9. Duty to notify

Article 1 (Collection of personal information and purposes of use, items to collect personal information and collecting methods)
  • (1) Personal information means, as information about an individual who lives, the information that can identify the individual (includes the one that easily can combine with other information and identify even if only such information can't identify the particular individual).
  • (2) The "Company" shall use collected personal information for the following purposes.
    • ① Details on membership and communication: Identification of membership, prevention of fraud registration, verification of membership desire, verification of age, counseling, announcements and etc.
    • ② Details on content and services: Service use of individual and corporate businesses and payments settlement, identity authentication for banking and financial services
    • ③ Details on events and marketing, data research: transfer of event and promotional information, statistical research on services, etc.
    • ④ Other services, etc.
  • (3) The "Company" collects following personal information for the purposes specified above.
    • ① Required items: Name (real name), email, password, date of birth
    • ② Optional items:
      A) Gender, a matter of concern, credit card information for payment, bank account information, additional information including telecommunications business operator information for billing, etc.
      B) If a person doesn't have a business registration when registering a license
          ⅰ. Required information: name (real name), mobile phone number, zip code, address,
          ⅱ. Additional information: social security numbers, beneficiary's account information for deposit
               (bank name, account number and account holder)
      C) If individual business and corporate business have a business registration when registering a license
          ⅰ. Required information: company name, company registration number, a representative name, company phone
                number, zip code, address, contact name, contact mobile phone number
          ⅱ. Additional information: telecommunications business registration numbers, beneficiary's account information for
                deposit (bank name, account number and account holder)
      D) Required documents after filling in additional information in B) and C)
          ⅰ. For a person who doesn't have business registration: A copy of the account, a copy of ID card
          ⅱ. For an individual business and corporate business that have a business registration: A copy of the account, a copy
               of business registration certificate, a copy of telecommunications business registration certificate
    • ③ Collection methods: Homepage (subscription, bulletin boards, etc.), mobile applications, fax, phone, customer centers, event entries
    • ④ In the course of services use or business processes, information including services records used, access logs, cookies, access IP information, billing records, arrest records to be generated and collected
    • ⑤ Information about the users of the services in the application process of additional services or events (can be applied only if the user agrees to provide additional personal information)
  • (4) When collecting personal information of the user, the "Company" shall get the consent of the user, but can not collect such information on race, place of origin, domicile, ideology, political affiliation, criminal record, health status, etc. which are likely to infringe the fundamental rights of the users unless the agreement or by the provisions of the Statute of the user.
  • (5) The "Company" shall allow only 14 years of age or older people to sign up to be a member but can not collect personal information for children under the age of 14 only required for the consent of the legal guardian to collect and use of personal information.
  • (6) The "Company" may collect personal information in the following ways.
    • ① Website (membership, notice board, etc.), mobile applications, fax, phone, customer contact centers, event entries
    • ② Auto collection through the collection tool of information generated
Article 2 (Release of personal information to third parties)
  • The "Company" shall treat personal information of users only in the specified range in Article 1 (Collection of personal information and purpose of use, items to collect personal information and collecting methods), and shall not in principle provide to a third party. However, if users agreed in advance or are in accordance with the provisions of such statute including the Privacy Act of Article 17 and Article 18, etc., or if there is a request to the investigative agency in accordance with procedures and methods established in legislation for investigative purposes, it shall be exceptional.
  • The "Company" is a separate service that uses personal information jointly are as follows: Individual and services are subject to change, we will notify users when any changes to change.
    Service Name Homepage URL
Article 3 (Processing and retention period of personal information)
  • (1) The "Company" can keep information provided in signing up for a membership up to the when the application of a member cancellation is processed from being signed up. In principle, personal information recorded and stored in electronic files shall be completely deleted from the hard disk of the "Company" since cancellation process of the members is completed, and the documents shall be shredded by the shredder so that they can not be used for any purposes.
  • (2) However, if the "Company" needs to keep in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, it will keep the membership information for a period of time determined by the relevant laws and regulations as follows:
    • ① Retention period agreed by the members if the "Company" got the consent of the members
    • ② Retention grounds: Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Communications Privacy Act
    • ③ Retention period:
      A) Records on the contract and cancellation of the contract (e-commerce law): 5 years
      B) Records on the supply of services such as payment and goods (e-commerce law): 5 years
      C) Records on consumer complaints or dispute settlement process (e-commerce law): 3 years
      D) Records on the access (communications privacy act): 3 months
Article 4 (Rights and duties of members and methods to exercise)
  • (1) Members may ask for access to, modification and deletion of personal information as well as cancellation of a membership at any time with respect to the following.
    • ① The personal information of a member that the "Company" holds
    • ② Details on which the "Company" has used the user's personal information and provided to third parties
    • ③ Details on which the "Company" has agreed to collect and use and provide personal information
  • (2) Members can read and correct their information directly from the "Company" service, and otherwise request for access to and correction of personal information in writing, through phone, e-mail, etc.
  • (3) Members may request for a suspension of the processing of their personal information at any time.
  • (4) Members may withdraw (cancel) the intention at any time on which they agreed to collect, use and provide personal information when signing up for a membership.
  • (5) If a member withdraws the agreement (cancellation of a membership) after the identification process directly from the "Company" service, or otherwise requests to cancel a membership in writing, via phone, email, the "Company" shall the necessary measures, such as destroying the user's personal information, without delay. However, even with withdrawal of the consent (cancellation of a membership), the minimum information shall be stored in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
Article 5 (Installations/operations of automatic collection system of personal information and details on the rejection)
  • (1) The "Company" often store the information of its members and use "cookie" to import. A "cookie" is a small data package that the server sends to the user's web browser when using a web site and will be stored on the hard disk of a member's computer. The "Company" uses "cookie" for the following purposes.
    • ① Purpose of use:
      A) Maintains access of the user
      B) Analyzes the frequency of access or visit time, etc. to identify the user's tastes and interests and follow the trace, and provides targeted marketing and personalized services through determination of the level of participation in various events and the number of visits, etc.
    • ② Users have the choice to install "cookie" and allow any "cookie" by setting an option in the web browser or check each time "cookie" is saved, or reject saving any "cookie"
Article 6 (Technical/physical/administrative measures to protect personal information)
  • (1) The personal information of members is strictly protected by a password, and the password that matches the email address provided by users is known only to themselves. Therefore, identification or change of their personal information is possible only by those who know the password.
  • (2) Members should never tell anyone their own passwords. To this end, it is recommended that the "Company" basically log out online and close the web browser after finish using the PC.
  • (3) The technical/physical/administrative measures for protecting personal information of the "Company" are as follows.
    • ① Encryption device for authenticating the user such as password, of the personal information
    • ② Installation, update, check measures of anti-virus software to prevent the violation of privacy by computer virus
    • ③ Access control devices by setting and managing personal information access and using intrusion prevention systems
    • ④ Specifying handlers for personal information, setting their rights, training and secure management of personal information
Article 7 (Personal information officer's name, contacts, departments)
  • In order to protect personal information of users and handle complaints related to personal information, the "Company" has an officer in charge of personal information. If you have any questions regarding the personal information, please contact the officer in charge of personal information listed below.
  • Name: Han, Sang-hyeon / Manager
    Responsible Department: Platform Business Department of GlobePoint Co. Ltd.
    Telephone: 82-70-7931-2565, Fax : 82-504-848-8230
Article 8 (How to remedy infringement of rights)
  • If you need counseling on infringement of other personal information, you can contact Korea Information Security Agency, Prosecutors' Office Internet Crime Investigation Center, Police Cyber Terror Response Center, and so on.
  • ① Korea Information Security Agency (1336)
    ② Prosecutors' Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (02-3480-3600)
    ③ Police Cyber Terror Response Center (02-392-0330)
Article 9 (Obligation of notice)
  • If we have anything to add, delete and modification in the current Privacy Policy, notice will be posted throughout the web site of the "Company" 7 (seven) days prior to the effective date of the changes. However, for important changes in the rights or obligations of the members, we will notice at least 30 days in advance.
Privacy Policy Effective Date: April 1, 2015